Composite concrete slabs on steel decking - GCG5

Composite concrete slabs on steel decking - GCG5

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TR75 Composite concrete slabs using steel decking

An advantage in constructing composite concrete slabs on steel decking is that temporary formwork is not required nor is there usually any requirement for propping. Also, compared to conventional reinforced concrete suspended slabs, composite slabs contain relatively low quantities of conventional reinforcement, are relatively thin and hence have a relatively low self-weight.This Guide is intended to provide clients, designers and contractors with an overview of the factors which should be considered, but it does not provide detailed guidance on the structural design of composite floors which is provided elsewhere. If the issues raised are considered carefully and the appropriate action taken by all parties involved in the procurement, design and construction process, the result will be safely constructed composite slabs with a good service performance.

Published: 2008
Pages: 32

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