GCG10 - Maintenance and repair of industrial concrete floors

GCG10 - Maintenance and repair of industrial concrete floors

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This guide is a result of the contractor members of the Association of Concrete Flooring Contractors identifying the need for some simple guidance on what intervention should be expected to a floor in order to maintain its serviceability.

It is important to state that floors need to be maintained at regular intervals throughout their service life to ensure efficient operation of the materials handling equipment (MHE). Even with the best floor designs and proper construction, it is unrealistic to expect floors to be crack and curl free.  Floors, in particular joints, will suffer damage under the day-to-day action of MHE. Before any intervention, the reason for the breakdown of a floor element must be ascertained before a reinstatement approach is implemented.

This Good Concrete Guide Maintenance and repair of industrial concrete floors is a culmination of discussions and recommendations from the concrete flooring industry. Although no publication can be definitive, this guidance identifies many of the characteristic features associated with an industrial floor which do not affect serviceability, as well as defects that occur due to normal ‘wear and tear’. Basic reinstatement methods are proposed depending on the level of damage identified.  


Published: September 2019
Pages: 32

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