Guide to the design of concrete structures in the arabian peninsula

Guide to the design of concrete structures in the arabian peninsula

This guide provides those designing reinforced concrete civil engineering and building structures with information on aspects of design specifically related to the Arabian Peninsula. There is information on appropriate exposure conditions and methods of achieving durability in the region's extremely harsh environment. The Guide also provides information on seismic and wind loading specific to the region. Much of the guidance is applicable not only to countries on the Arabian Peninsula but to other countries with similar climatic and exposure conditions in the geographical region and to countries in hot, dry environments around the world. The Guide is a companion volume to the earlier CS136 'Guide to the construction of reinforced concrete in the Arabian Peninsula' and the CS137 'Guide to evaluation and repair of concrete structures in the Arabian Peninsula'. Like these previous guides, the present report was prepared by a Working Party of the Concrete Society working in co-operation with the Bahrain Society of Engineers.

Published: 2008
Format: Book & CD
Pages: 88

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