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The design of prestressed concrete bridges - concepts and principles

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Brand: Taylor & Francis
In his introduction, the author notes that he has been, amazed by the number of grossly uneconomic and sometimes virtually unbuildable concrete bridge designs, that he has come across.The practice that he founded set out to offer alternative designs, which were often substantially more economic. His views were not always conventional, nor did they always comply with accepted wisdom. When running his practice he resisted helping young engineers to solve technical problems, preferring to explain the underlying structural principles. This rather weighty tome, at nearly 600 pages, follows the same approach.The book aims to help designers develop an intuitive understanding of the structural behaviour of prestressed bridges. The principles are explained by following the various steps, starting with the behaviour of a simple beam and then moving on to the more complex behaviour of a real multi-span structure. The various design chapters include prestressing determinate beams, prestressing for continuous beams, articulation, substructure design and deck design. The steps are extensively illustrated with hand-drawn sketches which gives the book the feel of an extended tutorial. At each stage there are photographs of bridges from around the world to show how the concepts are put into practice. Interestingly, there are also some photographs of what can go wrong in the construction process, which serve as a useful reminder to the reader of the problems that can occur.Several chapters are devoted to the construction of prestressed bridges, including in-situ span-by-span construction, balanced cantilever construction, segmental construction, incremental launching and the fabrication of complete spans. There is a lengthy discussion of the effect of scale on the method of constructions, ranging from a four-span 130m-long bridge up to a 10km viaduct. The final two chapters look at the design and construction of arches, both as buried structures and as true structural arches supporting bridge decks, and at cable-supported decks. In summary, this is a very comprehensive book covering all aspects of the design and construction of prestressed concrete bridges. The name Robert Benaim is well known in bridge design circles and The Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges should be a welcome addition to any library.

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