The role of water in concrete and its influence on properties PDF

The role of water in concrete and its influence on properties PDF

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This Discussion Document has been produced by a Working Party of The Concrete Society, its aims being to consider the fundamental role of water, its chemistry, structure and contribution to the cement hydration process. The purpose of this publication is to categorize the role of water both technologically and, where possible, scientifically. Water is a commonly-available low-cost materials and has two uses in concrete: to hydrate the cementitious component and to confer workability by its lubrication effect.The two main chapters of this document discuss the macro and micro processes, attributed to the presence of water in concrete, emphasising that the two processes are intimately related. Shorter concluding chapters summarise known data as 'facts' and suggest posible future research. Illustrated with black and white line drawings, the purpose of this document is to stimulate discussion and encourage further consideration of water and its influence on concrete and mortars in both engineering and fundamental terms.

Published: 2005
Format: PDF

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