TR63 Guidance for the design of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete + amendment sheet PDF

TR63 Guidance for the design of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete + amendment sheet PDF

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TR63 (2007) summarises the wide range of current applications for steel-fibre-reinforced concrete, including ground-supported and pile-supported slabs, sprayed concrete, composite slabs on steel decking and pre-cast units. Practical aspects such as production and quality control are also considered. Although the material has been used for a number of years, there are no agreed design approaches for many of the current applications. The Report reviews the methods currently used, with the aim of promoting an understanding of the technical issues involved. The information provided will allow designers to exercise judgement in this area of evolving technology.

Note: When published in 2007 the publication covered the design aspects of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC ) as understood at the time.  The method of assessing SFRC flexural tensile strength BS EN  14651 Test method for metallic fibre concrete, based on the RILEM method rather than Japanese JCI-SF4 method, has now been adopted. It is not intended to reprint this publication in the foreseeable future as other design documents now exist that cover design of SFRC such as the fib Model Code for concrete structures (2013), Technical Report 34 Concrete industrial ground floors (2015), British Tunnelling Society Best practice for sprayed concrete lining (2016) and PAS 8810 Tunnel design. Design of concrete segmental tunnel linings. Code of practice (2016) to name a few.  This information plus fib Commission deliberations will no doubt be incorporated in the update of the Eurocode 2.

Published: 2007
Format: PDF
Pages: 92

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