TR71 Concrete petrography

TR71 Concrete petrography

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Concrete petrography is an effective technique for investigating the quality, workmanship, durability and defects of concrete. It involves the microscopic examination and description of hardened concrete in the laboratory, using specialised petrological techniques that have been adapted from those used for the study of rocks. Investigations involving concrete petrography are commissioned by a wide range of clients who usually know little about the procedures involved and often find the petrographers reports difficult to interpret. The published literature regarding concrete petrography proves equally difficult to understand as practically all of it is intended to be read by petrographers. With this in mind, The Concrete Society has produced this report as an introductory guide to concrete petrography that is aimed squarely at non-specialists.This report draws on a wide range of case study examples and explains all of the latest techniques and interpretative guidance. Colour pictures of microscopical features are included that illustrate typical concrete compositions, unusual ingredients, workmanship defects and a wide range of types of damage and deleterious reactions.

Published: 2010

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