Webinar: Concreting in a changing climate - 18th June 2024

Webinar: Concreting in a changing climate - 18th June 2024

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This late morning Technical webinar aims to provide guidance on the practical and theoretical aspects of the effect of climate when concreting due to the UK varied and unpredictable weather patterns (heatwaves, rainfall and wind). Concrete is sustainable by it resistance due to its durability in severe environments.

The event is designed to offer an insight for engineers, supervisors, students and technicians with the focus upon realistic site preventative measures for concreting and providing resiliance for the long term against deteroriation mechanisms.

The sessions start at 11:00 and will close at approximately 13:00 with a short break between sessions. Joining instructions will be provided within 24 hours before the webinar starts. A copy of the presentations will be provided post-event.

Speakers: Concrete Advisory Engineers

Time: 11.00 to 13:00hr

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