Webinar: Why does concrete crack? - 19th March 2024

Webinar: Why does concrete crack? - 19th March 2024

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This Technical webinar covers why cracking can occur in concrete. Cracks are often unpredictable, however they can be minimised and controlled by careful attention to design details and construction techniques. Typically most cracking is not as extreme as first feared as most are identified as ‘Non-Structural’ as per our publication Concrete Society Technical Report 22.

The event will offer an useful insight for Engineers, Architects, Supervisors and Students with the focus on understanding the physical and chemical mechanisms of concrete cracking, together with the resulting consequences.

The session start at 11:00am and will close at approximately 1:00pm. Joining instructions will be provided on confirmation. A copy of presentation will be supplied post event.

Speakers: Concrete Advisory Engineers

Time: 11.00am to 1.00pm

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