Webinar: Defects & deterioration - 11th December 2024

Webinar: Defects & deterioration - 11th December 2024

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This morning Technical webinar aims to provide guidance on potentially significant concrete defects and deterioration. This will cover common causes of deterioration and methods of specifying a suitably durable concrete.

The event will offer an in-depth insight for Engineers, Architects, Supervisors and Students with the focus on understanding mechanisms of concrete and reinforcement deterioration, together with the resulting consequences.

The sessions start at 11:00 and will close at approximately 13:00 with a short break between sessions. Joining instructions will be provided within 24 hours before the webinar starts. A copy of the presentations will be provided post-event.

Key topics to include:

  • Essentials of concrete composition and performance
  • Common defects
  • Physical & Chemical deterioration of concrete
  • Deterioration of reinforcement
  • Achieving durability from practical construction methods
  • Factors affecting type of deterioration and consequences

Speakers: Concrete Advisory Engineers

Time: 11.00 to 13:00hr

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