Webinar: Placing Methods & Finishing Concrete - 12th October 2023

Webinar: Placing Methods & Finishing Concrete - 12th October 2023

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This morning Technical webinar aims to provide an overview of the different methods of placing and finishing concrete.  The connecting theme throughout the presentation is how versatile concrete can be but also considering there are limitations.

The event will offer an in-depth insight for Engineers, Supervisors, Students and Technicians with a focus on understanding the importance of placement and how it interacts with finishing methods.

The sessions start at 11:00 and will close at approximately 13:00pm with short break between sessions. The waiting room will open at 10:45. Joining instructions will be provided on confirmation. A copy of presentations will be provided post event.

Key Topics:

   - Types of placement
   - Pumped concrete
   - Slip-formed concrete
   - Specialist placement
   - Compaction
   - Types of unformed surface finish
   - Curing methods
   - Types of formed surface finish

Speakers: Concrete Advisory Engineers

Time: 11:00 to 13:00hr

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